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About CaymanWent

Looking for a one-stop guide to all things glamour and beauty? Look no further. Come explore our site and find the perfect hairstyles, the latest makeup trends as well as classic looks that never go out of style, skin care advice for all skin types, tricks to beat the summer heat damage and the winter drying effects on hair, nails, and skin. If you can think of it we have covered it! We realize that a woman feels her best when she feel beautiful, and it is important to note that beauty begins with the basics and doesn't come strictly out of a bottle. We want only to help you enhance what you already have and give your inner beauty an eye-catching stage on which to present itself!

Our Mission is...

Beginning with simple skin-care advice and reviews on the most up-to-the-minute products, we will take you through step-by-step the best products, color palettes, formulas, and hair cuts, colors, and styles that will make everyone sit up and take notice wherever you go. Discover tips and tricks to applying makeup in ways that will play up your best features while subtly camoflauging any "trouble spots". Fine out which colors will truly compliment your eye color, skin tone, hair color and how to apply them with a natural hand for the ultimate "less is better" look! Find out the secrets the supermodels know. Think they are all born looking that way? No way! They simply know a thing or two that we mere mortals don't - until now!

Reasons to Why Choose Us

Excited for the new season and all the amazing new fashions? Let us help you find just the right look for your personality and lifestyle! It's like having your own personal stylist at your fingertips 24/7! The latest designs and the hottest colors, we will help you mix and match your looks from office to office party to romantic dinner. With the help of our experts like the best bookeeping specialist, all the best beauty and fashion advice you could ever want, all RIGHT HERE!

Meet Our Team

Alison Smith

Our awesome content writer and editor. She likes nice walks in the park...

Gregory Lucas

Our tech guy, he is all deep into all kind of tech stuff....

Janet Oswald

One of the best designers and stylist - she is often guest author at our blog...

Maria Lawson

Model and fashion star she is now part of our team with great tips for you...